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Custom Business Cards

Personalised business cards are an important component of your professional identification and have a purpose beyond just exchanging contact information. With Genic Cards, create impactful yet uniquely crafted customisable business cards that truly reflect your brand and professional identity.

What makes Genic Cards stand out is that we offer extensive customisation of your business card. You can add different digital elements, from videos to social media profiles, websites, portfolios, and a lot more. Customisation will make this business card step out of the conventional lines, making it engaging, effective, and remembered for every interaction it takes part in.

Get Your Business Card Design Printed


Digital Meets Physical

Although digital cards have become a necessity for both quick and effective networking, there still exist several professional setups where these are required in physical form. Genic Cards ensures that your printed cards are as impressive as you are, guaranteeing quality that speaks on its own. Our printing options can transform your digital design into something tangible without losing the essence of your digital creativity.

High-Quality Printing Options

Genic Cards offers UV and LASER printing options on metal to ensure your customisable name card looks eye-catching.

Easy Design Process

  • Contact us for custom name card design
  • Place the Order
  • Sign Up to the Genic Cards website or app
  • Add Your Details and complete your profile
  • Connect your card to profile using the code sent with Card


Seamless Integration with Digital Cards

You can easily integrate your physical card with a digital card by visiting our website or through our app.

General FAQ

Genic Cards provide ample room for both customisation and integration of technology. Our NFC technology along with digital updates gives a versatile and adaptive character to your customisable business cards that can be used everywhere.

Using our platform for personalising your customisable name card is super easy. Add your information, then select printing options from the menu with just a few clicks. The process is designed to be simple and convenient, with an appealing user interface.

Of course! With Genic Cards, you may take advantage of both the formal printed cards and the ease of digital ones. This will help you to be prepared for any kind of networking opportunities.

We provide metal cards with UV or LASER printing. It gives your card an attractive appealing look and chic appearance.

Indeed, our digital cards have been designed to work with the majority of the latest smartphones via NFC and QR codes for easy sharing.

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