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QR Code Business Card

A QR ("quick response") code is nothing but a barcode created by a computer that includes various kinds of information. These are the modern twists to traditional business networking tools.

This name card QR code can have your contact information, social media links, websites, videos, portfolio links, or any other digital content that you'd want to share with people.


People can get your details by simply scanning the scannable business card using their smartphone camera. In so doing, you harmonize the synergy of digital convenience and the all-time high level of networking efficiency and engagement.


How to Set Up an NFC Business Card?

Step 1: Choose and Buy a Physical Card

Step 2: Create Your Account

To create your account, you have to add information like name, contact details, social media links, website links, portfolio links, and other information that you want to include in your QR code. You can sign up for Genic Card either via our website or the App.

Step 3: Link Your Physical Card to Profile

You have to buy a physical card and link it with your profile

Step 4: Share Your Details
Once everything is set up, you can enjoy seamlessly sharing your contact information with your business card QR code.



Benefits of QR Business Cards

  • Easy Networking: The receiver can easily scan your QR code and the details are added automatically to his contact.
  • Versatility: Can have all sorts of information in them, from the contact details to the promotional content, links to the portfolio, or even a description of the event itself.
  • Engaging Experience: To boost engagement and interest in your services or products, you can link your scannable business card to dynamic content like forms, videos, or interactive websites.
  • Trackable Interactions: QR code generators that offer analytics for one to be able to track the number of times his QR code was scanned.

General FAQ

You can make your QR code business card by just following some simple steps. Just visit our website, create your account, fill in the information, link your digital business card and your business card QR code is ready to be scanned.

In case of any situation like this, check if the given information is correct or not. Also, make sure that the QR code is either not too small or not too large because in both cases, readability gets affected. You can also contact our customer support service if your issue is not resolved.

QR codes need not have to be in black and white colours. In fact, you may make them as colourful or as muted as you like. However, we do not advise going too muted because it will make your audience less interested.

We do not provide name card QR code in design templates. However, you can contact us for a customised card that is personalised to your requirements.

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